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Delivery Tracking App

Supply Chain and Delivery Management System

Infotech’s solutions for mobile ERP enable on-the-spot access to all vital work tools anytime, anywhere.

Inoftech offers a range of “connective ERP” solutions adapted to various processes and positions across the supply chain and delivery management process, it allows easily tracking and control distribution processes, real time alerts, tasks management and more.

All of Infotech’s mobile solutions are developed with the most advanced technologies. We offer solutions for a wide range of processes and smart devices: cellular phones, tablets and various wearable devices.

Main capabilities include Delivery Tracking App

Delivery tracking software allows users to easily track and control distribution processes:


  • Create van sale (scanned) documents.
  • Capture digital signature of distribution workers.
  • Load goods by packing crates/labels.


  • Display the original customer document for signing.
  • Capture customer signature incl. name and ID.
  • Supports GPS tracking.
  • Unload goods by packing crates/labels.

Delivery Failure and Driver Reporting

  • Record reasons for delivery failure.
  • Record driver remarks.
  • Take photos of damages.

Task Management

  • Manage customer-related tasks for drivers.
  • Manage general driver tasks (e.g., vehicle servicing).


  • Create return documents on-the-go including printouts on mobile printers.
  • Manage and track inventory in vehicles.
  • Update quantities of returned goods vis-à-vis relevant documents.

Support  of Customer’s Business Processes (BPM)

  • Update inventory documents’ status upon completion of the delivery route.

Full Support of Customized Printouts for Customers

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